Yankee Owner Dies, New York Wedding Guide Wants You, and Michael Kors Is Coming to West Village

Yankee fans (and us) mourn the death of George Steinbrenner, who died in Tampa earlier today at age 80. (New York Daily News)
Michael Kors is moving to the West Village, Bleecker Street to be precise. Wonder if he'll give Marc Jacobs a run for his money. (The Shophound)
As we all know, fashion trends change before you know it! But instead of throwing all those old duds away, NYC is starting a clothing recycling program this September. (PSFK)
You better not try to steal your neighbors coffee table that he's throwing away —it's illegal and you could pay a hugggee fine! (Gothamist)
Attention all New Yorker brides! New York's Wedding Guide wants to hear about your wedding. It's a chance for you to re-live, what we hope, was the best day of your life! (The Cut)
Kiki de Montparnasse is having a massive sale starting tomorrow! 70% off all the way till August! (Racked)
Ever try on a couple pairs of jeans but only wear the same couple pairs out? You're not alone! (NBC)

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