Could 7 Days Of Wrap Tops Mean Finding One I Don't Hate?

I will always jump at the opportunity to take my sandwiches in wrap form. This thinking, however, does not also apply to my preference in tops. Frankly, wrap tops are my last pick on the blouse spectrum. But since I've heard so many friends sing their praises — how easy they are to wear (what?!) and how flattering they look (erm, debatable) — and since I've come across so many versions of the trend, I felt like I must have been missing something.
My main gripe with wrap tops is how deceiving they are: Model one in front of your mirror and you'll think you're safe, but bend over for one second and you might reveal more than you meant to. But the biggest problem with a nip-slip isn't exposure — it's that you'll likely spend the rest of the day worrying, hand on your chest, that it's going to happen again. And all of that kerfuffle over a top just seems unnecessary.
To prove myself wrong about wrap tops, I spent seven days exploring all the ways I could make them work for me. Sure, the deli guy might have seen my girls when I ordered my morning matcha, I flashed a few people while biking to work, and I bought many an emergency safety pin, but it's all in the name of fashion, no?

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