All Of The Twisted Health & Fitness Advice We Got From Gym Class

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Ah, gym class. You either loved it or hated it, and most likely, you despised it. Forced exercise and team-building activities are almost always torturous, especially when you're going through puberty.
No shade at all to gym teachers out there, because they willingly absorb the hellish task of making kids and teens care about their bodies and fitness, so they have to get creative. But despite the best intentions, a lot of information can get skewed. If you really think for a second about the game dodgeball, for example, what jerk decided that pelting balls at your friends and bullies was a good way to teach agility and throwing? These experiences stick with you, and ultimately impact the way you view fitness. Even years later, being in a grown-up group fitness environment can bring up some weird feelings about that time you got lapped by your classmates on the track.
Luckily, times are a changin', and the gym classes of today hopefully don't look anything like our sometimes painful memories (thanks, Michelle Obama). But lest we all forget, we asked people to share the kookiest activity they did or lesson they learned in gym class growing up, and the games and pull-up tests that still haunt them to this day.

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