This Is The Best Gym Fail Of All Time

Despite its existence in every show about awkward teenagers, I kind of doubt the dreaded high school gym class climbing rope is an actual thing. But the DIY obstacle course one teenager had to do in her gym class makes that rope look like a fluffy kitten.
Giselle Blancas, a high school student in Chicago, posted a video of herself doing the obstacle course to Twitter.
Her gym teacher had stacked a bunch of milk cartons into a makeshift staircase. It looks like the students were supposed to climb up the milk cartons, but in case anything went wrong, they were attached to a safety line and harness, like the ones used for rock climbing. In Giselle's case, though, the safety harness caused a problem.
She barely made it up two steps before the kids at the other end of Giselle's harness tugged the line a little too hard, and sent her flying face-first into the stack of milk crates.
We're just glad she was wearing a helmet.
The internet is all over this gym class fail. As of writing, her tweet has more than 21,000 likes and 12,000 retweets. And Giselle, who goes by @xv_gigii on Twitter, has gotten some of the most hilarious reactions.
She's been compared to a few different celebs:
Some people, like us, were confused exactly what was supposed to happen here.
Some have given her suggestions about how to milk it.
And some were genuinely concerned.
She may have ended up with a few bruises, but Giselle seems to be a good sport about the whole ordeal. We wouldn't blame her, though, if she thinks twice before ever strapping herself to a harness again.

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