Yes, You Can Wear Pants In The Summer

The temperatures are rising faster than Rob Kardashian's follower count, so it's understandable that pants might feel out of the question right now. Come summer, the last thing anyone wants is to be sweating through their bottoms, which is why so many tend to opt for breezy dresses and short-shorts.
But, whether it's due to personal preference (the right pair of shorts is tough to find, you know), or because some workplaces just don't allow them, we know shorts aren't for everyone — no matter how hot that subway platform might be. So, we're rounding up some summer-appropriate pants to get you through the days when it's humid as anything, but you just can't (or don't want to) be rocking bare legs.
Click on for some trousers, palazzos, and culottes that are sure to do the trick, because everyone deserves to have some lightweight bottoms on-hand.