Window Shopper: 04 Petrana Perfume At Odin

We already love Odin's first three forays into fragrance (01, 02, and 03), so we're not super surprised that number 04, Petrana, still manages to activate our aromatherapy antenna. Named after the ancient Jordan city, the unisex perfume is meant to evoke a desert teeming with black irises. Sweeter than its sisters, the scent starts out strong with some cassis and coriander, before settling into a groove with some base notes of vetiver and white musk. We think it's a perfect transition spritzer for fall—it's exotic without being too weird, plus the combo of floral and musk means that it can be a turn-on for both sexes. We suggest being spare with the spray—one light mist and you're set for the day. Though the price is a little steep, we predict it'll last you a year...just in time for #5.

Odin 04 Petrana, $110, available at Odin New York, 328 East 11th Street (Between 1st and 2nd avenues), 212-475-0666

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