Forget MTV Or YouTube — To Debut New Track From MARS!

Whether we're paying a visit to Griffith Observatory or just stargazing on a clear evening, outer space will never cease to amaze our inner nerd. Plus, with the successful Curiosity landing on Mars (and Mohawk Guy's dreamy 'do), this summer's been pretty other-worldly. And, it looks like Britney Spears isn't the only pop star who's over the moon about the Mars Rover — of the Black Eyed Peas will debut his new track, "Reach for the Stars," appropriately from space.
The rapper collaborated with NASA to pull off the stunt, and it's an ode to the singer's "passion for science, technology, and space exploration." While our most impressive science experiment was that baking soda volcano in the fifth grade,'s latest project will explain the song's interplanetary transmission to students, as well as the rover's overall mission. Taking place at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena next Tuesday, the song will be broadcast 166 million miles from Earth, which makes it safe to say that is the first singer to embark on a literal world tour. (Forbes)

Photo: Via Forbes