NASA Is Now Hip: Mohawk Guy Overshadows Mars Landing

Who cares about landing a robot on Mars? Not the world, apparently, because the big news on Sunday night was not only Curiosity's successful landing but also, and most importantly, the discovery of a super-cool NASA flight director sporting a mohawk with bleached-in stars. "Mohawk Guy," as he is officially known, immediately started trending after he was spotted looking sexy/remotely landing an extremely complex robot on another planet (equally important) on NASA's livestream of the control room during the touchdown.
Aside from the fact that working at a place called the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is pretty much the best thing ever, Mohawk Guy — aka Bobak Ferdowsi – is officially bringing back the original American obsession with all things outer space. Dude even has a Twitter that's actually funny. NASA, when did you get so hip?
Image via Bobak Ferdowsi's Twitter.

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