Who Wore It Best: Boyfriend Vs. Girlfriend Style!

Girls and guys have been sharing clothes ever since the toga was en vogue, but these days, with self-proclaimed (and overly tapered) "boyfriend blazers" and "boyfriend jeans," it's hard to find innovative styles that really work for both parties. That's why we looked to super-cool, real-life couples who've got the swap sitch on lock—these hipster BF/GF duos share everything from flannels to headbands and leggings, plus those oversized sweaters that everyone wants to stock up on this fall. So, if your switch-up steals begin and end with a walk of shame (we won't tell), take note of these fresh-to-death downtowners whose garment game doesn't differentiate between the men's and women's departments. Our only question: Who wears it best?
Click through to see the switched-up style of two cool downtown couples.