Who Wears This Costume Best: JWoww Or Our Own R29 Editor?

The cast of Jersey Shore may be the masters of questionable endorsements, but this Halloween Jenni "JWoww" Farley's costume choice is a bit more fitting. The Seaside reality star recently gave her SVEDKA_GRL bodysuit—exclusively from Ricky's—a test-run in the skin-tight getup that she'll be wearing this October 31 (you know, because we all give our Halloween outfits a dry run). We're calling it smart product placement—we've seen enough Svedka in the shore house to know that dressing up as a boozy robot is wholly appropriate. Farley took a stroll in her new ensemble along with her pups, dressed as a ladybug and a bumblebee (hey Jen, what about a martini glass and an olive?), and soon after, our own SVEDKA_GRL costume arrived at R29 headquarters. Call us biased, but while JWoww wears a vodka-infused robot costume well, we have our own super (Svedka) girl on staff. We ask the inevitable: Who wore it better? JWoww or our Global Editor Connie? Careful now...

Photo: Courtesy of Shadow PR and Refinery29