Where the Wild Things Are Inspires Some Fur-rociously Fashionable Gear


No joke: One of our roommates came home yesterday wearing Opening Ceremony's full-length
Where the Wild Things Are
Max Suit, and even though he was down half a grand with a bushy raccoon tail between his legs, the grin on his face proved all the justification needed. Cooler than a Snuggie and more timely to boot, the adult-sized onesie is one of those things that buys you some major street cred. Not feeling like having a 24/7 sleepover? There's tons more hairy options from Opening Ceremony including a draped fur vest, a mohair coat, a seriously fuzzy full skirt, and a cropped version of the Max Suit. Not to miss the bandwagon, Urban Outfitters created a line of their own as well as sneaker label Lakai, and Space 15 Twenty in L.A. that launched an entire pop-up store dedicated to the storybook-cum-movie. With creative merch at tons of price-points, there's no reason you shouldn't be getting your Wild Thing on.

Above from left: Bull Shawl Jacket, $635, available at Opening Ceremony; Max Suit, $610, available at Opening Ceremony.
Above, from left: Alexander Mini Skirt, $220, available at Opening Ceremony; Judith Outdoor Vest, $415, available at Opening Ceremony; Carol Flare Coat, $575, available at Opening Ceremony.
Above, from left: K.W. Boxy Coat, $575, available at Opening Ceremony; Max Sweatshirt, $460, available at Opening Ceremony; Douglas Motorcycle Jacket, $565, available at Opening Ceremony.