At What Age Will You Hit Your “Fashion Peak”?

A recent study by British brand CC claims that women hit their fashion prime at 35.
Apparently, the issue is one of self-confidence and maturity — mid-30s ladies are educated and empowered enough to make considered style decisions and neither too young nor too old to be worried about whether they’re dressing their age. Interestingly, the study also found that three out of four respondents felt their style improved with the years — a good sign in these youth-obsessed days.
Now, given that CC pitches their collection to women of a certain age, you might well think that this study’s creators had their thumbs on the scale. Nonetheless, it’s a good question: From baby rompers, to gothy teen rebellion (just guessing, there), past your tumultuous 20s, and on from today into the future, what do you think will be your style pinnacle?
Personally, our style peak is always now and we’re angling to keep improving all the way into nonagenarian senility and beyond. Check back to see what we’re wearing for fall 2082. It’s gonna be hot. (Elite Daily)
Photo: Courtesy Patrick McMullin.

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