Everything You Should Download Before Your Next Flight

You're at 20,000 feet, and you realize your flight doesn’t have WiFi — which wouldn't be a big deal, except you forgot your book at home, and none of your Spotify playlists are available offline. The summer travel season has passed, but holiday trips will be here before you know it, and we just can't let this nightmare happen to you: Here's how to prep your phone so your next cross-country jaunt is time well-spent.
A couple days before your flight (or better yet, right now!), take an inventory to see what you’re missing. If the airline you’re flying with publishes their entertainment offerings, make sure to compare lists. No point in downloading a movie if they’ll have it available on the flight. Save the space for something else to make the most of your travel time. Perhaps it’s time for some new podcasts to tickle your brainwaves, or maybe you need a new, addictive puzzle game that will make your hours in the air simply fly by.
We’ve rounded up a handful of the best new apps, games, podcasts, and more that you should pre-load onto your phone before you step through security. These options will help you kill time in transit and plan what's ahead once you land. Armed with these options, you’ll be able to handle any layover — even a (god forbid) unexpected extra three hours at Newark. Just make sure that your batteries are charged!
This article first ran June 2, 2015, but has since been updated.

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