These Are The Books Money Diarists Recommend You Read

As an avid reader, I've spent a good portion of my life deciding what to read next. After all, there's no Netflix for fiction; there's no algorithm to automatically pick your next book. I've concluded that the most important step to finding a great read is being constantly open to new titles, however they come into my life.
Get lost wandering aisles of used bookstores. Read book reviews each week. Ask your friend what her mom is reading in her book club. Or, as I discovered while combing through old Money Diaries for this story, you can just read the Money Diaries each week. So many entires contain amazing recommendations.
Speaking personally, some of my favorite books have come from friends who know me, and know my priorities. So if you’re a person who reads the Money Diaries each week, then titles in this round-up will definitely speak to you. We compiled an eclectic list, ranging from actually cool self-help books to gripping thrillers, composed of what money diarists were reading when they wrote their entries.

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