The Cutest Shopgirls And Guys From Around The West Village

We won't lie—we've been known to visit our favorite stores a few more times than necessary in search of our favorite behind-the-counter beauties. If you're as much about the cuties as the clothing when it comes to a day of NYC shopping, then you understand our POV. Of course, the West Village, home of all things perfect, is the natural choice for gorgeous salespeople of every sort, from the ultra-preppy lads and lasses of Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, to an accessories addict at Castor & Pollux. With hunting in mind, we stopped by these beloved boutiques to check in with some hotties and capture these pretty faces on camera. And, lest you think all we could do was stare, we sat down and spent some Q.T. getting the dirt on their outfits, and tales from the retail front lines. We might have even made a purchase or two. Commission works both ways, after all.
Click through for some serious eye-candy featuring beautiful boys and gorgeous girls in their own handpicked, lust-worthy outfits!