We'd Board Xenu's Spaceship for Rotter and Friends' Cultish Tees

Some might say our devotion to our favorite worn-in tees veers nearly fanatical (what, not everyone genuflects to great piles of jersey every evening?). And, with Rotter and Friends' newest collection of baby-soft shirts in retro graphics (and modeled by the lovely Pamela Love and Brian and Jordan, formerly of The Visions), we think we've found our newest obsession. Our pick for slumming it in a dive bar? The gray "I'm Gonna Take You Home" tee, which we'd wear with a sly wink. The crazy hippie on the front references an album by indie band Ya Ho Wah 13, who, incidentally, is fronted by Father Yod—the same dude who leads the religious cult/commune The Source Family. So while we may not be shaving our heads or donning tin-foil helmets anytime soon, we can get behind these t-shirts in a big, big way. Pre order yours by emailing info@rotterandfriends.com.
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