Gaga And Bloomberg Sittin' In A Tree, Publicly K-I-S-S-I-N-G

So maybe this weekend you played tonsil hockey with your best friend, but allow this case study in WTF to make you feel better: Bloomberg, Mayor and Gaga, Lady were spotted locking lips by literally the entire city. If you were too busy dancing (we were!), this bad romance smooch and dance to "New York, New York" is definitely worth checking out. Especially since all of you Beyonce baby rumor-millers will need something new to talk about (btw, we were at a NYE party with her, and yes, the bump's still there). So, you tell us: fun or freaky? And what does this mean for 2012— is this a passing of the torch? Main Monster for Mayor! (Gothamist)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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