10 Laws That Will Make You Say What?

If you haven't taken a road trip across this great country of ours, we recommend you do. Like, now. Walk into your boss' office, tell him or her what a pleasure it was working for them, call up your BFF, rent a car, and take a trip across the United States of America. But, before you do, know this: There are a lot of wacky laws out there that if not obeyed, might see you doing some seriously hard time. That, or you'll just get like a really, really small fine.
For instance, if you're in Alabama and have nowhere to put your ice-cream cone, put it anywhere but your back pocket, because that's illegal. If you're in Kansas and you feel like having some wine, serve it in anything but a teacup. Yep, that's illegal, too. If you're in Hawaii and have some loose change, don't put it in your ear, because guess what? Illegal. Why certain lawmakers in certain states have certain hangups about certain weird things is beyond us. But, that's part of this country's charm. We're the home of the brave...and the quirky.
NYC-based photographer, Olivia Locher, based her latest portfolio on these bureaucratic oddities. I Fought the Law illustrates them with a sarcastic wink and nod. "Using early pop art as inspiration, I intend to defy rules and regulations across all the remaining US states," Locher says. "I hope the audience of these photographs will have an enjoyable experience and also maybe learn something new." Check out the rest of the talented photog's portfolio here.

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