You Won't Believe This List Of The Craziest Things Left Behind At Hotels

Photo: Eric IsselÈe/ Getty Images.
We've all had the unfortunate experience of accidentally leaving valuables behind at a hotel. Maybe it was your favorite travel sweater, or a tchotchke you bought for your mom. But what about, say, a miniature pony?

Believe it or not, that's exactly what one person left behind at a hotel in 2015 — and it might not even be the most bizarre item that was unintentionally abandoned upon checkout.

Hotel chains like Travelodge and Best Western have revealed the weirdest, craziest, and most embarrassing belongings guests left behind in 2015 to The Daily Mail. The list contains everything from cell phones to prosthetic legs to human beings. Yes, seriously.

Here are a few of the exceptionally odd ones:

- A miniature Shetland pony named Pudding

- A mother-in-law named June

- A Swarovski encrusted 5-foot wedding cake

- A house made of bread

- Keys to a Bentley

- A collection of Steiff teddy bears worth a small fortune

- Sex toys

- A bag of snails

- A taxidermy raccoon

- A suitcase full of prosthetic legs

Yes, someone's mother-in-law was left behind. And sadly, June's not the only person who was abandoned in a hotel last year. And while we're not exactly sure how a bag full of snails would be a useful thing to have in a hotel room while traveling, they apparently were. (Though not useful enough to bring home, it would seem.)

So, if you're missing Pudding the Pony, please contact Travelodge ASAP to get the cute little guy back. He's very much enjoyed his stay in Scotland, but even miniature horses get homesick.

You can read the entire list of crazy items here.

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