The 13 Best Products For Wedding Guests — According To Makeup Artists

If your summer vacation schedule feels more like a back-to-back calendar of your friends' bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and weddings — we're right there with you. But as you set aside your hard-earned income and PTO for the joy and happiness of other people, don't forget to take some time to care for yourself, too.
For us, that means stashing our wedding clutch with all the essentials we need to keep us feeling and looking great — even when we're on our 5th round of the cupid shuffle and regretting our RSVP to the after party. So, we asked our favorite makeup artists, who are frequent wedding guests themselves, to find out what they keep in their own bags to stay fresh. Check out their favorite products and tips, ahead.
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"I'm all for anything that does double duty and takes up less space," says celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. This lip conditioner from Ilia is a staple in her arsenal because it works as a light blush and a tinted lip balm, making it perfect for quick touch-ups post-ceremony and pre-reception.
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Makeup artist Clarissa Luna swears this product will cover up your ruddy complexion from the open bar crying of happiness. The medium-coverage formula layers seamlessly over makeup, and comes with a sponge tip for easy, on-the-go blending.
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This double-sided concealer is another go-to for Patinkin, who's worked with celebrities like Kristin Cavallari, because you can cover and brighten with the same tube.
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This powder is a favorite among celebrities for its buildable, non-patchy coverage. "It's matte, but not flat," says Luna, making it ideal for resetting the face without looking too powdery.
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Glamsquad Artistic Director and makeup artist Kelli J. Bartlett promises this holy grail concealer is worth its hefty price tag. She says it's the ultimate multitasker and promises it will cover just about anything — even a stress zit.
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These eraser sticks make it easy to clean up eye makeup without starting your smoky eye from scratch. Throw a few in your bag beforehand — and be prepared to share.
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After all those hugs and cheek kisses, chances are you'll need to touch up your blush. Luna recommends grabbing a two-toned shade like this one that can be customized throughout the night. Swirl your brush around the lighter shade for a subtle glow; pop it in the center if you need a serious pick-me-up.
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Celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern, who's worked with stars like Cara Delevingne, says a sheer lip gloss is ideal — especially because you don't need a mirror to reapply. She's been loving this one from Clarins, which leaves a bright wash of color without sticking to your hair.
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Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, cake, more cocktails — this lip pencil will last through it all. Use it to fill in your entire lip, then top it with a matching lipstick for the best results, Luna says.
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Stern reaches for these blotting papers whenever she gets overheated. They're pricier than the drugstore option, but they won't mess up your makeup — and somehow make the act of mopping up your face's pizza grease that much more chic.
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Bartlett always packs this cream face palette, which can be used for just about anything; she likes to tap the bronzer on her cheeks and eyelids, and uses the blush as a lip stain.
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This light, refreshing scent is favored by Stern. She says it's perfect for freshening up half way through a summer wedding, without giving the in-laws a headache.
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This mini setting spray will keep your makeup in check throughout the ceremony — and has SPF 50 for those scorching outdoor ones.

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