Stop Pulling This Crap At Weddings

Were you invited to a wedding this summer? Chances are, the answer is "yes." If you were, then you’ve got some pretty amazing friends or family members who love you and want you to be part of one of the biggest celebrations of their lives. With all the invites and announcements flooding your mailbox, it can be easy to forget that it really is a huge honor to be invited to someone’s wedding.
But along with all the different opinions, etiquette, and ideas that can surround a wedding, couples and their guests alike can find themselves in sticky situations. And in cases when emotions are flying high, the results sometimes can get really ugly. So how do you, as a wedding guest, make sure that you’re a positive force on the big day avoid adding to the stress? Keep the wedding drama at bay by avoiding these 12 all-too-common wedding guest faux pas.

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