Is A Post-Wedding Brunch Really Necessary?

Dear Alimay, Sunday brunches after weddings are absolute torture. Why do people still expect us to attend this archaic morning after ritual? No one feels good and everyone looks awful.
—Not a Morning Person
Dearest Not a Morning Person, Puffy eyes and an early bagel brunch don’t sound like an ideal Sunday morning to you? We feel you. That said, not all wedding attendees opt for the after (or even the after-after) party. Those few crazies who bound out of bed at 7 a.m. ready to take on the day deserve their breakfast! But, should you feel inclined to go? Well, that depends.
The morning-after brunch exists with the out-of-town guests in mind — especially if it’s a destination wedding. With so many travel expenses for destination weddings, attendees often times appreciate as many provided meals as possible. It's up to the couple getting married to plan in a way that makes things easy for all involved parties. Ideally, a morning-after brunch should start at a manageable and not super early hour — let’s say 10 a.m. The couple ought to roll in within an hour of the start time, and guests should feel as though they can come and go as they please. Think of it as an open house.
If the wedding is local (i.e. not destination), it shouldn’t be required for members of the wedding party to attend. Keep it limited to the out-of-town guests, using the brunch as extra time for the bride and groom to extend their gratitude to those who traveled to get to the wedding. Be sure to reiterate to the guests that it is by no means a required event.
Keep the vibe casual. We love the idea of having a glorified hangover brunch—serving Bloody Marys, coconut water, and perhaps even Gatorade. For those who dare to go even more playful — why not personalized sunnies to hide those wretched under-eye bags? Your wedding guests put a good bit of time and money into looking gorgeous on your big day. Perhaps skip the photographer and keep your Sunday morning low key. Yoga pants? Sure, why not?
Yours Always,
Ali & Maya
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