Why I Adopted The Ultimate Minimalist Wardrobe

Illustrated by Alex Marino
We don't just appreciate an inspired ensemble. We want to know the whole making-of story behind it. But in Style Roots, we're going one better. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, this series will deep-dive into the real sartorial evolutions of seven city dwellers who all came from very different starts. Be it a streetwear OG or newbie vintage collector, we'll examine how past and present cultural, social, and career influences mold one's unique style persona.
Typically, our style evolutions happen in tandem with major setting changes, such as starting a new job or relocating to a new city. But every now and then, the most eye-opening fashion lessons stem from more unexpected experiences. For Washington, D.C. native Allison Jordan, that was especially true when a neurological illness she faced forced her to get back to the basics with her once-experimental wardrobe.
While trying to conserve what little strength she had, Jordan asked herself, Do I want to spend my energy figuring out which outfit to wear or do I want to spend it on something that is meaningful and productive? The answer was obvious, so she purged. The result? A handful of mostly black staples that set the foundation for an effortless wardrobe and make her feel, as she puts it, like her "most radiant self."
Now, after recovering and moving to Chicago to attend art school for the summer, Jordan refuses to let anything she doesn't absolutely love into her closet. And she's harnessing that attitude in all aspects of her life, from being totally in-tune with her needs to designating time for the people and things that truly make her shine. Ahead, see how her newly adopted minimalist look translates into a state of mind.

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