Hike That Up: The New Way To Wear Crossbody Bags

There must have been a memo distributed during this past Fashion Week season about the proper bag strap length, because so many woman were snapped on the streets with their crossbodies hiked up to waist height. Sure, this tweak is a tiny change from where the bags usually hang — hip-adjacent — but it was just enough of a novelty to really make an impact.
There are practical benefits to shortening your straps: You minimize any wild swinging and bum-bruising that a too-long crossbody can inflict, but also, there's something visually appealing about a high-up bag. It says, "I"m prepared, and ready, and where are we going next?" It's equal parts dorky and endearing — and if you think we're reading too much into this, well, fair. Some potentially more persusive reasons for poking a few more notches into that strap lie in the photos ahead.

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