These Vloggers Are About To Drop Some Hilarious Truth Bombs On You

A recent survey commissioned by Variety found that teens in the U.S. “are more enamored with YouTube stars than they are the biggest celebrities in film, TV, and music.” For the young folks surveyed, personalities like Smosh and The Fine Bros are more influential than mainstream celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry. It really is a whole new world out there.
That’s what the kids are watching, though. What about those of us who are slightly older and not quite as YouTube-native? We’re not yet at the “get off my lawn” levels of Carl Fredricksen from Up, but we also don’t want to waste a precious five seconds of our lives waiting to see a Fred video. (Honestly, is there anything better than when the “Skip Ad” button pops up?)
We've compiled this helpful, one-stop primer for the vloggers who are actually funny — and, at times, thoughtfully reflective — in a way those of us over 18 can appreciate. Keep clicking for little vignettes of happiness, YouTube-style.

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