An L.A. Thrifter’s Wonderland Housed In An Old Saloon? We’re So There

Dorothy’s tornado travels found her in a land of flying monkeys and yellow bricks, and Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole to attend a not-so-regular tea party, but L.A.'s newest vortex adventure is more fantastic than fantastical. Vintage Vortex V is a brand-spankin'-new co-op offering recycled fashion (including some designer duds), retro furniture, kitschy knickknacks, and handmade treasures.
Don't think for a second that this is just another thrift-heavy Eastside spot: 20 boutiques are flaunting their wares in three storefronts originally built as a saloon — so, even the venue has an interesting backstory. Plus, to maximize your browsing time, Vintage Vortex V will stay open later on the first Friday of every month (it looks like Abbot Kinney's First Fridays may have some competition!). Sure, co-ops are nothing new to Los Feliz, but the majorly good vibes and sick space make this one totally worthy of a weekend-evening adventure.
Vintage Vortex V, 4516 Hollywood Boulevard (at Hillhurst Avenue); 323-661-6565.

Photo: Via Vintage Vortex V