Video: Riding A Bike In Heels Never Looked So Sexy (And Easy)

Running in heels is hard but biking heels is downright dangerous—unless you happen to be, say Garance Dore, who's pretty much perfected the art of Pradas-on-pedal. Well, Ce Ce Chin, designer of cult shoe line 80%20, makes it look soooo easy in her spring '11 collection video, which she's sharing with us exclusively. Shot on the Williamsburg Bridge with Yacht's latest single, "Psychic City," providing a banging soundtrack, watching the model's platforms switch out again and again against the spokes is downright trippy. We're not sure if we have the courage to traverse a river in those babies, but if we could look as good as her...
Want more Ce Ce? We've got an inside look at her Chinatown pad!

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