Video: Letterman And Gaga Get Into A Fight, So She Tears Up His Notes And Swallows Them

We've been listening to Lady Gaga's new album all morning (how good is "Marry The Night"?), and after hearing all the lyrics, we're not exactly surprised by her antics last night on The Late Show with David Letterman. The singer, who decided not to wear —“I only liked the jacket, so I decided that’s all I would wear," were her exact words to Dave—had a funny but slightly strange back-and-forth with the host, inviting him into her egg, staring at his orange pinstripes, and generally oscillating between flirting, eye-rolling, and disdain. But all was pretty chummy until Letterman began reading a series of rumors with the intention of asking her which were true and which were false (including if she turned her meat dress into beef jerky), before ultimately deciding to answer them himself. Well, Mama Monster didn't like that one bit—she actually grabbed Letterman's notes, tore 'em up, and ate them. And though Dave wanted her to spit them up, she swallowed, which, c'mon, you knew she would.

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