The VS Angels’ Secret To Hotness Is Cutting Out Solid Foods

Monday morning means making another start-of-the-week commitment to feed our bodies a little better than we did Saturday night (six margaritas, 4 a.m. Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee Heath Bar Crunch) or Sunday morning (bagel, french toast, pancakes, mimosas). Perhaps we should take a note from the Victoria's Secret Angels and cut out the solids all together. In an interview with the Telegraph, Adriana Lima spilled on the dietary secrets of what makes an Angel score a body that's runway-ready for the big Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, taping in NYC this week. Daily (or twice-daily) workouts are, of course, on the regimen, as well as tons of protein shakes, vitamins, supplements, and about a gallon of water per day to achieve the wing-toting, $2.5 million bra-sporting bodies that we only wish we could have. The Telegraph also reports that Lima will eat no solid foods at all for nine days before the show and cut off the H2O for 12 hours prior to hitting the runway. A bit extreme? No kidding. We don't suggest trying this diet, but at least the ladies are honest enough not to credit just good genes and a fast metabolism for their super-svelt physique—these Angels werk! (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post