Victoria Beckham Just Designed The Sunglasses She Always Wished She Owned

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Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images.
The catalog of universally flattering, forever trendy sunglasses that also work with most style personalities is a teeny, tiny list. It includes the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and aviators, Dior cat-eyes, Céline’s chunky Tailor specs, and Karen Walker’s oversized frames. To crack that exclusive grouping is every accessories designer’s dream, but new designs often end up looking too trendy, dominate your ensemble, or are just a pain in the ass to wear — which quickly relegates to them to the bottom of your sunglasses pile. That magical combination of timelessness, comfort, and good looks is hard to nail, and Victoria Beckham might have done it with her latest design — The VB. “I really wanted to create a frame that felt like an instant classic; like a style that you’d always owned, or always wanted to own,” Beckham told us. The shape is slightly oversized to hide your undereye circles, but not so big they cover your brows entirely (which, considering how lush Beckham’s are, is a considered design element we understand). The frames are also blocky but taper up into a subtle cat-eye, and the lenses are softly rounded, which is a combination of traits that make your lower face look smaller and your features more delicate. And, while modern feeling, the shape doesn’t scream, “I bought these in 2015, everyone.” Beckham says, “I don’t think that it will date.” Beckham also tapped local artisanal workshops in Italy, and German optical manufacturing experts at Zeiss (which also creates medical devices and industrial measurements) for these frames, in order to ensure that the VBs are made to last physically, too.
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They also come in the classic rainbow of neutrals — black, tortoiseshell, bottle-green, and polka-dots — that go with all skin tones, hair colors, and outfit palettes. As for comfort, special attention was paid to how securely these sit on your nose: “When designing [sunglasses], the bridge has to be perfect so it doesn’t slide.” For proof, Beckham has been wearing her specs for more than a year now, and even though they’re relatively new (the style just dropped this month), they feel like instant classics already. The sunglasses are currently available on for $365 (no Cyber Monday deals apply, unfortuantely), but considering that you've procrastinated on putting together your own holiday gifting wish-list, let this be a smart first addition.

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