Go Inside NYC’s Hottest Nightclubs, No Guest List Required

Typically, to see the inside of NYC's buzziest nightclubs, you may have to know someone — or at the very least, know someone who knows someone who can get you through the doors. Well, consider this your in. You know us, we know Vice, and the folks over there have taken an in-depth look at what makes some of the city's craziest scenes more than just a dance hall.
Vice's newest video series, Discotecture, documents five young designers and their rare (and incredibly awesome) mission to create NYC's next ultimate nightlife destination. With Heineken and a few beyond-helpful authorities, namely Andre Balazs, Steve Lewis, Eric Goode, David Byrne, Kenny Scharf, Michael Musto, Amy Sacco, Steve Lewis, and Peter Gatien, they have the opportunity to combine their creative concepts and varied artistic disciplines into one major must-see venue.
View the trailer below, and the first full episode directly on Vice. New installments will debut each Monday, and we'll be anxiously waiting to see how the freshest set of innovators can create the hottest new scene in the city. Hey guys, we're on the list already, right?
Photo: Via Vice