This Audio Erotica App-Syncing Vibrator Turned Me Into A Porn Enthusiast — & I’m Never Going Back

When it comes to masturbating, I've been around the block. I've seen (and tried) it all — from internal G-spot suction vibrators to gender-neutral vibrators, even a tool-shaped thrusting vibrator. So it takes a truly unique sex toy to pique my interest. When I heard about Vibes Only, a first-of-its-kind sex toy company that connects to an audio-erotica app, I was intrigued but skeptical. The idea of listening to erotica (despite my love of romance novels) felt a bit intimidating. Maybe it's my own inexperience, but the idea of porn invokes images of too many bodily fluids and bodies that look nothing like mine — not exactly arousing. It's not that I'm anti-porn; it just feels like porn is not for me. Fast-forward to one session with Vibes Only, and I've realized that's not the case. Not by a long shot.
The app, created by the hosts of relationship podcast Girls Gotta Eat, Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, aims to make porn more accessible, and, wow, have they succeeded. Vibes Only currently boasts three different vibrators: Ashley, Rayna, and Gigi. Yes, they named two of the vibrators after themselves. That's because Vibes Only wants you to be the main character of your own sexual fantasy, not a bystander. I didn't really understand what that meant, so I knew I needed to try it out for myself despite feeling intimidated. With only three vibrator choices, I opted for the Rayna, the double-ended suction vibrator that has sold out twice and has a perpetual waiting list.
Let me begin by saying there's a reason the Rayna has sold out twice. Powered by dual motors, this two-sided vibrator does it all. Its head has five intensities of suction, while the base is insertable. Oh, and it's completely bendable, so you can use both simultaneously. Because they're individually powered, you can use each side separately, but I highly recommend you use them together for an incredible blended orgasm.

“I’m not a stranger to how a vibrator works but this one truly BLEW MY MIND. 8 orgasms later I was still discovering new features. You better believe I’m buying the whole collection/subscription. Vibe Only is everything and more!”

vibes only reviewer
Speaking of together...I knew that the vibrator was meant to be synced up to the Vibes Only app, but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about that. Did I mention I felt intimidated?! Luckily, Vibes Only makes it easy, getting rid of at least one of the intimidation factors. I'm not a technology person, but the app made it all super clear. It's broken up into four pages: experience, explore, videos, and vibes.

The video page is where you want to go first. At the bottom, there's a Vibes Tutorial video series that tells you everything you need to know directly from the creators. From what each of the vibrators do to how to connect the vibrators to the app to how to clean your vibrator after use, the step-by-step videos are clear, concise, and informative (plus Ashley and Rayna are hysterically funny in their delivery). With just a few presses of a button (and making sure the phone's Bluetooth was turned on), my Rayna was connected to the app, ready to be controlled by a single hand (because your other hand is going to be busy).

With everything set up (Rayna situated between my legs), I had no more excuses. It was time to get into some porn. Like everything else about my Vibes Only time, figuring out what to listen to was also remarkably less intimidating than I'd built it up to be. The "experience" page is filled with a wide library of audio erotica, ranging from a light-and-flirty flight delay fling to a filthy, dirty-talking BDSM experience — all told in the second person, so you are literally the star.
I started off with a light flirtatious experience of a tipsy roommate wanting to experiment before turning on my vibrator, just to get me in the mood. I was surprised at how I was immediately turned on. The voice is great, colloquial enough that I really did feel like someone was talking to me but seductive enough to keep me engaged. Sufficiently turned on, I decided to go full throttle with a BDSM experience and try out the vibrator's auto-control, which syncs to the pacing of the story. And let me just say... <insert red-faced sweating, panting emoji>.

“Hot f*cking damn! Just had one of the best orgasms of my life with The Rayna and the Vibes Only app, syncing the vibrator with the story is still blowing my mind. 10/10 hell 20/10. This is such a game changer for women!”

Vibes only reviewer
I honestly had no idea what to expect when I started, but I immediately succumbed to my pleasure. The commanding voice (giving me literal directions for what to do to myself) combined with the pre-set vibrations on the app blew me out of the water. It really was an experience. The auto-vibes accurately mimicked the words in real-time, so when the voice in the story described giving me oral, that's what it felt like between my legs. If you're getting heated just thinking about that, you are completely right. It's sexy and seductive but not in an intimidating way at all. In fact, it really felt like porn was suddenly accessible to me. The story itself encouraged me to wait to orgasm, only giving me permission after minutes of instruction, leading me to a full-body blended orgasm that was so explosive I could barely reach down between my legs to remove the toy because I was still shaking and twitching, minutes after finishing.

Yes. It's that good.

After trying out Vibes Only, I feel like I suddenly get porn for the first time, and I am looking forward to getting an official subscription to the app and exploring more of what's out there. Do yourself (and your vagina) a favor and do the same.
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