Hugh Hefner Inspires a Fashion Moment

It's no secret that Playboy billionaire and sex icon extraordinaire Hugh Hefner serves as a source of, ahem, vitality and style for men everywhere. Just look at his younger wannabe counterpart, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, who's spent many an episode perfecting the sort of velvet-slipper-and-silk-PJ attire that Hugh is known for. And sure, we've been noticing the move toward loungewear on the men's catwalks for a while now, but it seems like Menswear for Fall has taken a new turn for the Hugh-obsessed. Check out the plush scarlet tuxes on the D&G and Dolce and Gabbana Fall '09 runways, as well as these luxurious quilted slippers from footwear company 3:33 (aptly titled, you guessed it: The Hugh). Let's all take a moment to pay homage to the self-made Playboy and entrepreneur, preferably with a classy cigar, some Scotch on the rocks, and a whole harem of women.
Above, from left: Hugh in his signature velvet smoking jacket; a young hugh rocking a big ol' bow tie; a Hugh-inspired look from D&G fall '09; 3:33's Hugh shoe; Chuck Bass chanelling the famous Playboy's look.

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