Check Out 4 Very Fresh Celeb Takes On The Velvet Comeback

Over the past (wintry) months, we rediscovered our love of velvet — and this slight sartorial obsession manifested in various forms in our wardrobes. Cushy dresses made their way through the holiday party circuit. Then, Emma Roberts convinced us that velvety shoes are the swiftest (albeit slightly hard to clean) upgrade for our #OOTDs, with not one, or two, but three sightings in the textured kicks. Now, the temperatures are warming up, but our love for the plushy fabric isn't cooling down.

So, it's time to get inventive and dream up new ways to incorporate velvet into our everyday spring wardrobe without looking like we're a season behind. Celebrities are a step ahead of us, giving us serious inspiration on how to wear our favorite silhouettes in new, plushier ways. From Rowan Blanchard's reverse layering to Chelsea Leyland's electric suit, check out four fresh takes on the textured trend that's surprisingly more suited to transitional dressing than you might expect.

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