5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 26 2012

Some high school students went all Picasso on classic Vans skate shoes for their Custom Culture campaign, and the results are straight up face melting. And you thought the celebs were creative! (Vans)
Rat poop? Practical joking? At Vogue? We're trying and failing to wrap our minds around the Vogue that 74-year-old David Bailey remembers. (NYMag)
169 East 71st Street, the fictional home to fictional socialite Holly Golightly, was whisked off the market for a cool six mil. Unnamed cat not included. (Huffpo)
UGG Australia, the brand that has defied all fashion prophesiers and trend-predicting clairvoyants, continues the out of left-field power-moves this fall with a 2,500-sq-foot store in Meatpacking District. (NYRacked)
New York based jewelry line Ippolita is gearing up for Mother's Day with a contest that'll pit your Mom against everyone else's. Things are about to get rough up in here. (Ippolita)
Photo: Via Vans

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