Who’s The Most Fascinating Actor? Vanity Fair Starts A Leading Man War


When our beloved
Vanity Fair
slips into our mailbox, we without fail flip to the Proust Questionnaire first. Call us creeps, but we just love this particular brand of prying into celeb's lives; it's such a tried-and-true method of brain picking! And, it looks like that in the coming weeks the mag will be treating us to three profiles to devourMatt Damon, George Clooney, and Daniel Craig pose as the hottest trio of played-spies-in-movies (and most likely actors to win Oscars) ever on the mag's Feb cover. Apparently George would like to be reincarnated as his dog, Daniel is self-conscious about his knees, and Matt really is the consummate family man. We'll be anxiously awaiting the mailman for this sleuth-y snoop! Oh, and fill us in: Which leading man do you think is the most fascinating?

Photo: Via Vanity Fair/Facebook