29 Cute & Comfy Outfits That’ll Get You Excited To Spend Valentine’s Day At Home

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Ever stand in front of your jam-packed closet, staring at more than enough clothing options, and think: I have nothing to wear? Same. But perhaps the issue isn’t that you’re out of viable outfit choices. You just need a fresh dose of inspiration to help you see your wardrobe in a new way. That’s where Outfit Dump comes in. On the first of the month, every month, we supply you with enough ideas to fuel your style until the next drop comes along.
Valentine’s Day in 2021 isn’t likely to be eventful, no matter what your relationship status is. Between the pandemic and the recent influx of nor’easters, leaving the confines of your home for anything, let alone a Valentine’s Day date, just isn’t appealing. But while the box on your calendar marked February 14 is blank, that doesn’t mean you should skip on the chance to get dressed up — even if you’re at home, eating takeout and watching old Valentine’s Day episodes of The O.C., New Girl, and Orange Is The New Black
Before you scoff at the idea of putting on anything other than pajamas for that lineup of activities, hear us out. When we say dress up, we don’t mean slapping on the little red dress and matching heels you wore to exchange candy hearts and champagne with your S.O. (or your friends!) last Valentine’s Day. Instead, this year, putting on something special can mean whatever you want it to mean, from adding sparkly earrings and a fun pair of shoes to your standard weekend sweatsuit to putting on the dress you bought pre-COVID and haven’t had the chance to wear since. After all, who’s going to be there to say you're under (or over) dressed? 
Ahead, 29 comfy and cute outfit ideas that are good for Valentine's Day but really for the whole month of February.

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