This Is How Much It Will Cost You To Visit Morocco's Blue City

If you're active on Instagram, you've likely come across a photo of Chefchaouen at some point. The historic city — also called "The Blue Pearl of Morocco" — is completely awash with varying shades of blue. One of the most visually striking places to visit, the medina is swarmed with camera-wielding travelers, eager to capture its otherworldly magic.
Turns out, how the city's distinctive powder-blue color came to be has nothing to do with aesthetics: A community of Sephardi Jews fled Spain in the 14th century and settled in Chefchaouen, bringing along their tradition of painting houses in blue, as a tribute to the heavens and God. Later on, it was also said that the hue worked well in repelling mosquitos, as these cretins typically stay away from large bodies of water.
Given the location's Insta-fame, one might assume that the old city is well connected to a variety of transport links. But alas, there are no local train stations or airports in Chefchaouen, and your best bet would be to endure a journey on coach from one of the nearby cities. Below, we layout the cost and time commitments, so you can decide whether the trip would be worth it for the 'gram.
Via Tangier
If you're flying in from the U.S., Tangier would be your best port of entry. According to Rome2Rio, the cost of flying in one-way from New York City ranges from $400 to $750. From L.A., that will cost you between approximately $500 to $1,900 one-way, depending on when you book. After the 10-hour flight, you can opt for a private taxi excursion to take you to Chefchaouen, which will cost you about $120 for the two hour drive. If you opt for a bus, the journey will cost between $10 to $12. After you arrive at the main bus station, it's highly recommended that you take a local taxi to reach the medina, to spare yourself the walk uphill. That short ride will cost you less than $2.
Via Marrakech
If you're hoping to make The Blue City a stopover after Marrakech, you'll be in for a rough ride. The only way to get close to the town would be to take a sleeper train to Tangier, and follow the instructions above. A second-class ticket for an overnight train will cost you under $60. One-way flights from New York to Marrakech costs between $350 to $850, and fights from L.A are between $370 to $1,000.

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