There May Be Bed Bugs Lurking In Your Urban Outfitters Bag

We know you’re dying to get your hands on as many ripped jean shorts as possible before summer ends, but fair warning: They might come with a little something extra. No, not a new belt or a buy-one-get-one option, we’re talking about bed bugs.
According to Jezebel, the Urban Outfitters in the Flatiron district has been dealing with an infestation problem since March, and has only made a few feeble attempts to fumigate the parasites. Though a store representative said they could, “neither confirm or deny” the rumor, Jezebel claims to have seen multiple memos confirming employee complaints.
After three failed extermination attempts, the store appears to still be battling the creepy crawly issue. Maybe they should substitute their farewell message from, “have a nice day,” to “good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite?” (Jezebel>) o

Photo: Via Yelp