It’s Makeup Mayhem At Urban Decay’s Tricked-Out Beauty Bureau!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 27.]
Back in the pre-Urban Decay days, wearing purple nail polish was akin to announcing you were joining the circus (doesn't that make you nail-art junkies shudder?). When founder Wende Zomnir unleashed her alternative attitude toward painting ladies in '96,
she made major makeup waves, and her nouveau bag of tricks gave the old-boys network of blah beiges and pinks a run for their money. Today, these product provocateurs make innovation their number one priority, and are finding ways to shock and awe our regular old regimens on the daily.
With punchy palettes and names like Half-Baked, Punch Drunk, and F-Bomb, it's no surprise that UD's office space is off-its-rocker rad (swearing like a sailor is clearly encouraged), and the girls inside sport mohawks and loud lips. Boasting tall, collaged walls, an Alice In Wonderland-themed bathroom, and cheeky pieces everywhere—these Orange County digs are truly out of this world. Check out how these rogues roll in to their crazy HQ each day and we bet you'll be tempted to send them your resume, stat!