9 Of New York’s Most INSANE Unsolved Mysteries

New York is one of the most written about and photographed cities in the world. And while it may seem at times to be thoroughly exposed and readily familiar to those who live both near and far, it, too, comes with its fair share of unsolved mysteries.
Some are, unsurprisingly, related to the mob underworld, inspiring and influencing iconic movies and books about the city’s organized-crime syndicates. Others are lost pieces of infrastructure, once upheld as pinnacles of technological advancement, only to be forgotten, buried, or simply misplaced as New York continues to prosper and grow. And then, there are architectural mysteries we pass daily on our commutes, revealing secrets only if we look closer or dig deeper.
Every city, even one as immortalized as New York, has its secrets. You just have to know how — and where — to find them.