Bra Problems, Begone — 6 Solutions You Need

Want to learn a fun new party trick? If you find yourself in a circle of women looking for small talk, just blurt out: “Underwires — so frustrating, am I right?” Sure, it's a personal matter. But, oh, does it resonate. Odds are, a mutual understanding of how much underwire bras suck will induce a string of “Ugh, yes!” and sighs of agreement from your fellow female.
The trials and tribulations of finding and wearing an underwire bra are ones most women learn early on. Yes, our pre-pubescent selves couldn’t wait to get our hands on our first grown-up cups, leading to Lizzie McGuire-level meltdowns at local department stores. Now, it’s a necessary evil, providing support to our bust, and solutions to our tricky outfits. More often than not, we need to remind ourselves that underwires are our friends, not our enemies.
Who better to get us ridiculously excited about bras than the people behind some of the biggest lingerie brands? We spoke to the experts at Negative, HanesBrands, Eveden, and The Little Bra Company to understand our underwire better. Why does it fit so uncomfortably? Why does it poke out? Why does it feel like it's coming after us with all it's got? They not only reassure us that our skivvies don't actually hate us, but they also offer great tips to get to a better stage in our relationship with our everyday undies. Click through for their insights, as well as 30 awesome bras that'll hopefully put an end to all #underwireproblems.

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