Mermaid Yoga: Incredible, Underwater Instagram Photos

Browsing through random hashtags on Instagram can sometimes lead you to very dark corners of the Internet — places where you see things you wish you could forget. But, today I stumbled upon the breathtakingly stunning account of Britta Trubridge, freediving yogini and creator of B. Tru Yoga. She is also basically a mermaid.
In her hauntingly beautiful, perfectly timed photographs, Trubridge manages to capture yoga's essence of calmness, stillness, and serenity while pulling off incredibly challenging asanas — and holding her breath. "Some of the poses are very difficult because the sinuses get flooded if the head is inverted," Britta explains. "So, even though it may look like I am 'serene,' I am in a lot of pain! There is a lot to learn and take from it all, and really, it's just for the love of art." Remember: Trubdrige (and her photographers) are trained freedivers, so don't try to recreate these images on your own.
Behold, our favorite mermaid — minus the tail.