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In bed or at the dog beach, The Lake & Stars brings sexy back. By Christene Barberich
Merging their mutual histories with intimates, as well as an "inseparable friendship," designers Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman formed the lingerie label The Lake & Stars in 2004. From the start, the two used their contrasting aesthetics--a boy-meets-girl sensibility--to create a seductively fresh new underworld, ie: sporty bloomers with coquettish peephole waistbands and camisoles toughened up with layered mesh. Refinery29 headed to Brooklyn to find out how the dynamic duo get intimate, in bed or at the dog beach, season after season. Read on, and check out our latest video "Behind the Collection--The Lake & Stars."
Why did you decide to do lingerie as opposed to fashion?
Maayan: Both of us had experience in the lingerie industry, with good knowledge of suitable fabrics, how to fit, etc. The process grew organically with the thought that we would later [broaden] the collection with other products. Lingerie presents more limitations in terms of silhouettes and application of materials, and this challenge is something we've both found appealing.
What makes a piece by The Lake & Stars special to wear?
Nikki: The combinations of materials that aren't traditionally used for lingerie, the quirky embellishments, the signature closures, etc. The styles are somewhat personality driven, so with each season or look you’ll have a unique voice, much like what you'll find in ready-to-wear.
What is that totally unique thing that the two of you share that makes your union work?
Maayan: Without [question], bringing the same snacks to meetings. This week it was cream soda, last week it was an ice-cream sandwich. Humor is the most essential element in our process. Without that, we can't find a way to juxtapose ideas into one tiny garment.
Why do you like being a designer in NYC?
Maayan: We feel advantaged by the immediacy in New York--with getting things done, having access to people we work with, forming a dialogue with our clientele. But we also enjoy that it brings an urgency to create a change of scenery. It's this rare relief that often inspires us, that sappy notion of "escaping" the urban atmosphere...Nik and I designed our entire first collection upstate at a friend's lodge. And this year we walked her dog in the park for as long as it took to conceive spring '08.
For more information and availability, go to www.thelakeandstars.com.
In bed or at the dog beach, The Lake & Stars brings sexy back.

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