Meet Squish: Unbound’s New Clitoral Stimulator That Lets You Take Control

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Clitoral stimulation is great (obviously). For most people who have clits, getting it involved is the surest and fastest way to an orgasm. That makes sense, since the clit has thousands of sensory nerves — some extending 5 inches or more in the body. Though that sounds amazing (and it is!), it's also a lot of sensation to mine from a single organ, and it can make getting to your perfect level of arousal somewhat tricky. Depending on your unique body, that extensive network of nerves can require different levels of stimulation to reach climax, which is why we frequently find ourselves browsing the best clitoral stimulators out there, just to see what new device can help us get our most satisfying orgasm. However, we've been the victim of vibrations that are too soft — and leave us wanting — or too hard, jackhammering us to oversensitivity or sucking our soul to throbbing discomfort. Like Goldilocks, we want it to be jusssst right.

Lucky for us, the sexperts at Unbound Babes totally understand that. The company has long been known for its cutting-edge sex positivity (you might remember its fight with MTA over sexism in subway ads or when it overwhelmed Congress with thousands of vibrators in the name of reproductive health), and the result has always been beautiful, body-safe vibes we can't get enough of (peep our Unboud Puff review if suction vibrators are your thing). Today, Unbound adds another instant classic to its lineup of sex toys: Squish. The new clitoral stimulator uses haptic technology to control the intensity of its vibration with your own grip. Not sure what the hell that means? We weren't either until we took it for a trial spin.

What does Squish look like?

At first glance, Squish doesn't look like your typical clitoral stimulator. Available in Unbound's signature aqua and cerise, it looks more like a fluffy marshmallow or an oversized beauty blender than a technology-leaning sex toy. Honestly, it's adorable. It's also incredibly soft. And I know what you're thinking (because I was thinking the same) soft isn't the texture I usually think of as ideal for clitoral stimulation. My favorite clit vibes use predominantly ridged edges and pointed shapes to reach the nooks and crannies of my vulva, but Squish's genius can only be discovered when you explore what's beneath the surface: haptic technology.

So, what the hell is haptic technology?

Before putting this new technology anywhere near my clit, I obviously googled what the hell "haptic technology" is. Though it sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie, this technology is actually incredibly simple. Haptic technology, also known as kinaesthetic communication, simply means recreating the feel of touch via movement, vibration, or force. You might be thinking, Ma'am, isn't that how all vibrators work? Yes and no. While traditional vibrators offer pre-set intensities or patterns, haptic technology increases or lessens at your touch. And that's exactly what Squish does. The vibrations are completely controlled by your grasp. Aka, the more you squeeze, the harder and faster the vibrations. Similarly, as you loosen your grasp, the vibrations lessen.

Being able to switch to a different intensity using pressure is so much better than the awkward, kind of jolty, transition of pressing a button or completely turning off a toy if the intensity is too high.

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How do I use Squish?

Given its unique shape, Squish was extremely easy to place between my legs. What I thought looked like marshmallow fluff was actually a convenient spot for me to grip the toy across the middle, giving it easy access to my changing grasp. With only a few test squeezes, I was able to learn how quickly Squish adapted to my needs. As one reviewer writes, "Squish felt like a partner that was responding to my requests for more, faster, etc."
I was shocked at how well the shape fit against my anatomy. I'd assumed Squish would be too soft to get me excited where I needed, but the tip is deceptively textured for targeted stimulation, and I found my arousal building within a minute. Its rumbling motor responded to my changing grasp instantly, getting faster or slower as I explored its function and feel with curiosity. I honestly couldn't believe how intuitive and user-friendly it was. I could have kept exploring for hours, keeping my climax at bay. In fact, its ability to lessen intensity so quickly (just loosen your grasp!) makes it a perfect toy for edging. So, if you've been wondering about exploring that sensation, I cannot recommend this toy highly enough.
It's also beyond quiet. In fact, Squish might replace Unbound's Puff as my go-to travel vibrator, given how little it can be heard (it was essentially silent beneath my covers).

Squish felt like a partner that was responding to my requests for more, faster, etc., but it was me! It's so, so responsive. 


Does Squish have any cons?

Honestly, my only real complaint is that I wanted to use it for so long that my grasp eventually got tired (though, full disclosure, I have carpal tunnel from years of writing on my laptop without a desk). Of course, Unbound already thought of that possible risk, and by simply switching over to the right button, I could lock my vibration level in to give my hand a break. Once my hand was sufficiently rested, though, my clit was crying out for the orgasm that I had denied it for so long. Before my brain could catch up, my hand grasped the toy tighter and tighter and then my thighs started clenching, ratcheting up the vibrations to their maximum capacity, and I catapulted into an extremely well-earned orgasm. Had I not been so impatient, I could have easily explored for another hour. At least. (Hand strength withstanding).

Is Squish right for you?

Squish's wide range of vibrations and intuitive haptic technology makes it a perfect clitoral stimulator to get your juices flowing. I think it would be really fun to explore with a partner during foreplay, especially if you enjoy teasing or want to prolong the pre-orgasm experience. It's also small enough to use during intercourse if that's something you want to explore. I could very easily see taking it for a marathon session, which is great since its battery lasts up to two hours.
Tl;dr: Squish isn't the right toy for rubbing out a quickie orgasm, but if you're looking for something to really lay back and enjoy for some time, it's a great toy. We can't wait to keep trying it out again and again, given how many sensations it was able to coax from us. Easily rechargeable via magnet and fully waterproof, Squish feels like it's going to be coming along with me for quite a few stimulating adventures. Grab yours now. Unbound's vibrators have been known to sell out, so you'll definitely want to stock up while supplies still last.

Consider me OBSESSED.

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