Twitter Troll: Tommy’s Baby Bjorn, Verdi’s Caloric Catch-Up, and Shakira Quotes Proust

JakandJilBlog: " -" A child will be born to us whose Nikon skills so great, all other street style photogs will shudder in his presence.
models: "Today I spotted a girl on the train with the Tao haircut. I sense a MAJOR hair moment developing. The Tao could be the 2009 Rachel." Shh, before our scissor-wielding mothers hear! They've given us a bowl cut before, and she'll do it again.
RobertVerdi: "At biz bash... Hard rock cafe has a cheesecake bar... Yummy toppings - I want one at home" Your tweets should include a gazillion more calories before we forget about that little "fat and poor people" quote.
FullPicturePR: "Wanna win tickets to Heidi Klum's world famous Halloween party?? Become a fan of @modelinia on FB and enter 2 win" A chance to attend the King and Queen of Halloween's party? What are you waiting for?
ItsOnAlexa: "proof: @shakira quotes proust" Ah, we thought that "I'm starting to feel a little abused like a coffee machine in an office" sounded familiar.See more Twitter roundups.