Twitter Troll: Tavi Does Target, Ronson Does Volleyball, Whitney Port and Tess Brokaw Should Do A Sleepover

Wished we found gems like these instead of missplaced bills when we unpacked.
henryholland: - "No on one the corner has swagger like us" LOVE UNPACKING!
Apparently Rodarte attracts tweenie bloggers like moths to a lamp (peep 19-year-old Julia Frake's photo of 13-year-old Tavi):
bunnyBISOUS: "Beyond worth schlepping to Herald Square in Stellas. Indubitably most cohesive &visionary collab to date!"
Volleyball net and a lifeguard stand? We'll bring our kneepads.
mattkays: "2 day countdown to I HEART Ronson event. The Volleyball net has arrived, as has the lifeguard stand. @cjronson get excited"
RE: below
tessbrokaw: "Still awake. And its pretty fun."
Perhaps you need some pointers from Tess. See: above
WhitneyEVE: "i can't sleep...what's fun in ny that opens at 7 am"
rzrachelzoe: "OMG thank u! indeed they r.xoRZ RT @CharlieChill: so excited 4 U being on QVC! Things seem 2 B going rlly well. yr dreams R coming tru!"
We wish we read Norwegian. After a run through Google Translate, we're still more than confused. What's a leppestiften? (click for the original):
HanneliM: "come on Good Morning Norway tomorrow morning around 9ish and will talk about Mote, leppestiften I layer my blog and life in New York."
Ed's note: We messed up and mistook Hanneli for Dutch—sadly, not the first time we mixed up our Danish and Norwegian. Sorry!
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