Twilight Cupcakes Are Bloody Good

We're never one to turn down a good cupcake, (if you're a consistent reader you already know our love for baked goods borders on obsessive). So imagine our thrill when we heard that hot on the heels of some crafty chefs' Lady Gaga cookie, NYC bakery CRUMBS Bake Shop is debuting the limited-edition Twilight:Eclipse cupcake, inspired by Bella's two loves: Vamp Edward and werewolf Jacob. Pledge your allegiance before the movie comes out next week—The Jacob has decadent chocolate cake frosted with chocolate cream cheese, while The Edward is filled with raspberry preserve, and is frosted with vanilla cream cheese encircled with white and yellow sugars. Since we're still on the fence of this epic debate, we're gonna go with both—nothin' wrong with having our cup-cake and eating it too!
Available at CRUMBS Bake Shop, 1675 Broadway (between 5th and 6th avenues);212-399-3100 and online at until July 11. To see all CRUMBS locations, click here.