Makeup Tricks From The Evilest — & Sexiest — Characters On Television

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Turns out bad girls do have more fun — at least, with their makeup. Brooding, metallic-flecked smoky eyes, imposingly voluminous hair, and perfectly sinister red lips can be pretty key weapons for our favorite TV villains to wreak world havoc and kick major hero ass with. (Those fresh-faced good girls can be so boring.) 
From the sexiest, scariest gangster on Gotham to the evil ladies from our childhood nightmares on Once Upon a Time to a (cute) psycho stalker on Arrow, we've collected the beauty secrets of TV's best bad gals. Here's how to co-opt the tricks for yourself, for those times you’re feeling a bit more...sassy, shall we say.  
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Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
Fish Mooney, Gotham
Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney may just be the most terrifying gangster boss in Gotham City, but with her dip-dyed pixie cut, talon-like gilded nail art, and sultry, maim-you-with-a-glare eyes, she’s also the most alluring. "We do full-on, glamorous, Studio 54 disco makeup," says makeup department head John Perkins. "Pretty, shiny, beautiful colors and blended makeup."

Perkins coordinates Fish’s gleaming lids to those slinky, gold-flecked dresses she likes to wear while lording over her lair of a nightclub. For pigment as intense as Fish’s desire to rule Gotham’s underworld, Perkins relies on NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows in a range of gold (Himalia), silvery-gray (Lysithea), and metallic-black (Sycorax). His secret trick to getting that slick, wet look? Lightly wet an eyeshadow brush, dip it into the color, mix the hues on a palette, and apply the shadow onto the lid. Pair that with a super sharp, angular contour, and you've got looks to kill.
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Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot, Gotham
Before he officially became Batman’s nemesis, Oswald Cobblepot was a scheming lackey turned middle-management gangster. The wobbly, sunken-eyed, and hair-trigger-tempered Cobblepot also sports incredibly expressive eyebrows — usually indicative of an upcoming psychotic mood swing — along with prosthetics that make his visage especially penguin-like. To accent the look, Perkins fills in actor Robin Lord Taylor’s naturally blonde eyebrows with MAC eyeshadow in Brun.
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Regina Mills/Evil Queen, Once Upon a Time
The flashbacks and alterna-world jumps in Once Upon a Time mean a host of beauty looks for the actors. Lana Parilla’s Mayor of Storybrooke Regina Mills and her fairy-tale alter ego the Evil Queen enjoy the most hairstyle changes. "I just want to give the Evil Queen an extra plug because, for me, she is the most fun to do," says key hairstylist Debra Wiebe. "She changes all the time. It’s great."

With all the voluminous, high ponytails with faux-embellished widow’s peaks, swoopy updos, and towers of twisted knots (most requiring hairpieces, mind you), a really good hairspray is in order. Wiebe swears by Oribe Superfine and Fekkai Coiff sheer-hold. These allow for extra versatility while throwing tantrums and performing nefarious deeds.
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Ursula, Once Upon a Time
When OUaT comes back on March 1, viewers will meet a trifecta of new villains. Well, new to Storybrooke, but not so much to Disney fans. First, there’s the Little Mermaid’s voice-stealing Ursula, who makes her in-person appearance via Merrin Dungey (who will always be Francie from Alias to me). But, instead of a Divine vibe happening, the millennial Ursula has more of a J.Lo thing going on. Think mermaid-green hues, lots of contouring, glossy lips, tentacle-inspired falsies (MAC #35, FYI), and body shimmer galore. To match Ursula’s outfit, makeup assistant Elisabeth Jolliffe airbrushes Scott Barnes Body Bling all over Dungey for that under-the-sea sheen.
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Cruella de Vil, Once Upon a Time
Dalmatian mass murderer Cruella de Vil, played by Victoria Smurfit, is ready to menace the citizens of Storybrooke with her signature black-streaked lob, a matching shaggy coat that we kinda want, and intimidatingly immaculate red lips. (Makeup assistant Andrea Manchur was inspired by a roaring-'20s flapper-girl look.) For long-lasting, flawless color, she lines Smurfit’s lips with MAC lip pencil in Cherry, paints on Obsessive Compulsive’s amazing Lip Tar in a blue-based red — the appropriately named Stalker — and adds defined points to the Cupid's bow for an extra-sinister feel.
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Maleficent, Once Upon a Time
Maleficent, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten, is back — with a makeover. Along with her blonde curls tucked under a devil’s-horns cap (ripped straight from Angelina’s playbook), the witch, sometime-dragon, and Regina’s frenemy has wickedly dark, dramatic eyes. Key makeup artist Juliana Vit focuses on those evil eyes, starting with the neutral, Champagne-y MAC Next to Nothing shade (discontinued, but similar to Honey Lust) as a base and the deep-wine Beauty Marked hue on the crease. She tops off the lid with an intense, shimmering purple-and-burgundy pigment. Then, she uses a dark-navy gel liner for the top lid and a black shadow and pencil to line around the eyes. For the finishing touch, the actress lines her inner rim herself — in a very diva-free, non-Maleficent kind of move.
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Cupid, Arrow
Honestly, who can blame this ginger supervillain for being kind of obsessed with the vigilante hero of Starling City, a.k.a. Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen? (I mean, have you seen actor Stephen Amell do his pull-up ladder thing?) Of course, being a psycho murderer probably won’t catch Arrow’s eye (or will it?), but Cupid (Amy Gumenick) sure does look pretty in the process.

Makeup artist Rexford Bangle looked to the character’s red hair (which is, yes, a wig) and her green costume to develop the makeup, which focused on moody blues and blacks around the eyes. Oh, and Cupid is super fancy because all her makeup is by Chanel.

For her eyes, Bangle applies the now-discontinued Les 4 Ombres Quadra palette #94 with pearly-white, gold, teal, and brown hues — using the lighter tone as the base and brushing the teal color on the crease. He then uses the darkest color along the top lashline and halfway underneath the eye. For more intensity, he lines her eyes with Le Crayon Khôl‎ black eyeliner on the top lid and along the waterline, attaches individual false lashes, and brushes on a coat of Inimitable mascara. To complement such a dramatic eye, he keeps Cupid’s lips a rosy neutral with Rouge Coco Shine in Intime #93.
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Photo: Courtesy of FOX.
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