How Thinking Of Your Clothes As Costumes Can Change Everything

Illustrated by Alex Marino.
We don't just appreciate an inspired ensemble. We want to know the whole making-of story behind it. But in Style Roots, we're going one better. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, this series will deep-dive into the real sartorial evolutions of seven city dwellers who all came from very different starts. Be it a streetwear OG or newbie vintage collector, we'll examine how past and present cultural, social, and career influences mold one's unique style persona.
"Dress for the job you want" is one of the oldest — and possibly most unrealistic — tropes in the world. After all, most of us have to dress for what our current life calls for with what's already in our closet. But for performers like Danielle Burdick, the saying is a literal means for landing her next gig. In other words, a girl can dream.
The professionally trained dancer and Tustin, CA native switched up her quintessential SoCal-girl vibes (flip-flops, tank tops, "easy beach style," as she puts it) for an East-Coast-appropriate uniform (leather jackets, sturdy boots, etc.) when she moved to New York four years ago. But taking a closer look, the aspiring Broadway performer is the true definition of a style chameleon in that she constantly switches up her self-styled ensembles as she heads from audition to audition, creating looks that fit a specific role in a specific time to tell a specific story. And as we learned, that approach to dressing doesn’t stop when she’s offstage either. With a flexible (in more ways than one) aesthetic that blends feminine and masculine with classic and edgy, the up-and-comer fills us in on why thinking of life as scenes and clothing as costumes can be surprisingly liberating.

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